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Core Values Contributing to National Development    -Serving students from Seven States of ... Read more
Message from the Principal   Higher Education, in any context and more so in the contemporary context of globalizat... Read more
Vision and Mission Union Christian College is a “minuscule North East'' embracing a diverse and complex multi-cultur... Read more
History of UCC On the 22nd September 1936, a group of representatives from various missions in Assam met in Shil... Read more
Our Campus Map The Campus Map of Union Christain College -   Campus Area 344.45 Acres (click ... Read more
Our Anthem   Bless UCC fair home of hope and dreams Amid fields full of fragr... Read more
Prominent Position held by Alumni Here is a list of prominent position held by o... Read more
Our Motto Come to the living water Drink from its springs of healing All who are sin... Read more